Tadas KazakeviciusAbout author

I am Tadas Kazakevičius, a thirty-two-year-old Lithuanian representative of documentary photography, now living in Vilnius, Lithuania, though I was born and grew up in a city of Šiauliai. Though professionally I work and specialise in advertising and have a diploma in architecture, half of my time I devote to and breathe in documentary photography and portraits. I have already been in photography for about eight years, with the last six of them being committed to individuals and their story, as the principal subject of my photography. I am a devotee of traditional film photography and prefer using medium format film cameras.

I have created quite a number of photo series. My photo series ‘Strangers’, which portrays elderly men from all over Europe and tells their stories, has been included in a number of publications and collective exhibitions. I have also created a photo story about Shmuel (The children of Buchenwald) who – then a young boy – along with 760 other children, was liberated from a concentration camp at the end of the Second World War. My other works include a photo series about a boxing club in London ‘The hardening of steel’, a series ‘Fishermen of Nida’, ‘A participant of the 1948 Olympic Games’ and a sentimental photo series ‘The children of Šilėnai’.

After spending five years in the United Kingdom, for the last four years I have been living back in my native country, where I am particularly interested in social problems experienced by Lithuanians. Along with other photo projects, I have been developing my new continuous series ‘Soon to be Gone’.

In 2014, one of my photos was selected as the winner in the Portrait category and received the Golden Frame award in the Lithuanian Press Photography Contest. That picture was also used as the cover photo on the Lithuanian Press Photography ’14 album and featured on the exhibition deliverables for the Contest.

I am also the photo editor of the Latitude55.lt – a platform for documentary photography co-founded with my colleague, Darius Chmieliauskas, – where, in addition to publication of the best works of Lithuanian documentary photographers, we offer support and assistance to young photographers to gain deeper knowledge of this genre of photography.